Bethel Bridge Replacement
Route 12, Bridge 38

Client: City of Bethel, VT
Project Span: 2019-2020


Located in Bethel, VT along Vermont Route 12, this $6.4M bridge project includes replacing the existing bridge, constructed in 1928, with a new 364-foot-long bridge. The new bridge, scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2020, is being constructed just to the west of the existing bridge. Other design features of the new bridge include a three-span weathering steel plate girder superstructure with two approach spans of 110 feet and a center span of 144 feet. An ornamental steel lattice treatment will be attached to the outside of the standard two rail box beam for aesthetic purposes.

EIV is providing Environmental services and Public Outreach services for this two-year long project. Public Outreach services have entailed the creation of a stakeholder list including emergency services, several local municipalities, public transit, schools and businesses within the surrounding project area. EIV staff maintain regular lines of communication with VTrans staff in order to ensure the release of accurate and timely project information.



EIV is the Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC) Specialist for the project. In this role, we inspect the project for compliance with the Individual Construction Stormwater permit, provide feedback on appropriate best management practices and coordinate with the State stormwater regulator.